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duurr... i ono.

2008-08-25 04:20:53 by majooj

i feel like laying out my past internet wheelings and dealings to give myself some perspective as to how far i've fallen. that sounds a lot more interesting that it's going to be. in 2004 i started a webcomic called "Masters of the Art", a more or less immature endeavor in humor. I enjoyed meager popularity and was relatively comfortable in my mediocrity for about 4 years, until a couple months ago I just up and stopped updating. I could explain all sorts of reasons why I lost my groove even though things were steadily improving, but the main reason is i just got bored. so then i tried dabbling in flash animation, making a couple shorts for my own amusement before finally putting all the flash knowledge i had gleaned from tutorials and such to the test in an immature endeavor in parody (Iron Manhood). The past few weeks I've done basically nothing, sort of swept up in the hum-drum of life, borne on the wave of my graduating college.

not sure what's next, hopefully SOMETHING, but there all that is for anyone who might care.


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2008-08-25 08:54:43

lol u gonna get front page whit that iron manhood thingy :)!!!!!